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Divinya Times Summer 2022

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EditorialPAGE 1 "Peace cannot be protected"by Guruji Sri VastPAGE 5 Peace is love in every stepPAGE 10 The wish for peacePAGE 12 The power of looking withinPAGE 15 Finding peace equals falling in lovePAGE 17 Life without opposites brings me peacePAGE 19 Recipe: Grand Divinya SaladPAGE 20 For pilgrimsPAGE 21 This 73 984 80 50

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greetings fromthe divinya community!Everything around us is blooming at the moment, lilac, rhododendronbushes and poppies of all colors - there is an opening up everywhere, areaching towards the light, a feast of colors, forms and fragrances, acelebration of life. I am sure that your eyes have also witnessed thisbeautiful transformation in nature in the past few months ― so muchbeauty, peace and grace all around us.How can we ever understand that at the very same time, so muchsuffering is caused by humans in the world; that we are still going throughso much conflict and hardship? The bewilderment remains, and onequestion becomes more and more urgent: How can we humans also live innatural peace? This Divinya Times edition we dedicate to this very question. In a way, wecan say this quest for peace ― for peace within oneself, and peace amonga group of people ― lies at the heart of Divinya.Here in Divinya, we are united by the vision to create a life in beauty, love,freedom and sacredness. Divinya wants to move towards a new referenceof life: A life in peace and harmony among all people and all beings. What recipe makes it possible for so many people ― from differentcountries, different backgrounds, and different age groups ― to livetogether so peacefully?DIVINYA TIMES PAGE 1DE A R S O UL S ,

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PAGE 2In Divinya, we are very clear in ourcommitment to personally contribute to thispeaceful atmosphere in our daily life.Creating an inclusive and warm environmentby cultivating a non-judging and non-blaming attitude, which is not makinganything or anybody wrong or holding themas our opposites. Naturally, this supports anurturing ground for everybody's innergrowth towards finding more inner peaceand harmony.Imagine that the natural human state ispeace. Therefore, not being in peace meansthat we are doing something whichseparates us from experiencing our naturalstate. Hence, ‘being in peace’ is not aboutdoing something extra in order to find peace,but it is rather about dropping all thoughtpatterns and habits, which are not allowingus to experience the peace that we actuallyare.Don’t we all long to experience our naturalpeace? When we become aware of thislonging, then everything else becomes lessimportant. Is there anything, anydisagreement, any quarrel, any desire, worthlosing my peace over? This realization comeswith a strong commitment to staying inpeace no matter what. To stay in peace in ourthoughts, words and actions. A commitmentto direct everything towards peace. Being on a spiritual path includes workingtowards coming back to one’s inner peace ―an inner peace that is unshakable, thatcannot be disturbed by any outercircumstances. Whether I am in peace or not,should not be dependent on the situation Iam in, or how the people around me behave,but solely on my inner state, my perception,and my ability to transcend whatever comesto me. DIVINYA TIMES

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DIVINYA TIMES PAGE 2The more we become aware of our thoughts and emotional patterns, the more weunderstand that we are creating our world. Whatever we see outside is only areflection of that what is inside. Any outer conflict is actually only an expansion ofan inner conflict. With that shared understanding, everyone is pursuing peace within themselvesfirst, instead of trying to correct and change others. Instead of making others orany situation responsible, we are willing to take responsibility for our own innerstate and the way we live our lives. Whatever we disagree with in others and in the world, our first commitment is tolook inside and inquire in what way we might have the same attitude within us; inwhat way we might be part of creating this situation or feeding this energy.When we discontinue this energy, then we are part of the solution instead ofbeing part of the problem. This is why one of our main sadhanas is the practice oftranscending: Whatever energy comes to me, in me, it should transform intopeace.Only by bringing peace within me, can I radiate it, and contribute to a peacefulworld. When everybody starts with themselves, then peace among each other isthe natural outcome. PAGE 3

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PAGE 4 DIVINYA TIMESAnother sadhana in Divinya is to not hold onto things that have happened in thepast. Every day is a new day, even every moment is a new moment. None of us isthe same person today as we were yesterday. It is a beautiful practice to try one'sbest to approach oneself, and others newly again and again, instead of alreadycoming to a conclusion and expecting a certain behavior. This also means that wedon’t hold grudges against each other. So, even if a disagreement would occur, we are always ready to drop it and startover again – new and fresh. Sometimes the solution can be to hold on to thepeace even while having different opinions, and not having the need tonecessarily find an accord. If we think about how many conflicts are actually onlyold quarrels from the past, which are connected to belief systems andconditionings ― accumulated resentments over days, weeks, months or evenyears ― and often do not even have anything to do with this very moment or theperson in front of us; then it becomes clear how powerful this little sadhana is inensuring peace among us.In this Divinya Times edition, members of the community share their experiencesin their quest for peace. As a special addition, we have the honor to publish anarticle from a Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast. It gives an all-embracing answer to thequestion: How to build a world in true peace for everyone, without projectingenemies?At this moment we are united with all of you in prayer for global peace andfreedom. Let us all start with ourselves. Let us all take the first step. Let us radiatepeace wherever we are, in whatever we do, and with whomever we share thispresent moment, and make this world an ever more peaceful, ever more beautiful,place to live in for everyone.With love and devotion,the Divinya Community

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Now is the time to re-install peace in humanity, as a whole humanity. Not as aseparated humanity. We need to find a solution for everyone, not for one side only.The two hands are part of the same body and one hand cannot be the winneragainst the other hand. The pain belongs to the whole body. In the same way, weare one humanity.We have the tendency to create opposition, to condemn someone and then believethat by suppressing someone we will find the solution. It is very important not tocreate an enemy, no matter what the situation is. By the time you create an enemy,the fight is on. You create fear, and whenever a person feels fear, he wants toprotect himself and will threaten back to create the same fear. Then you getthreatened, so you threaten back to create the same fear again. The fear is the ballwhich we are kicking towards each other, threatening each other, with the hopethat we will be protected – protected from the fear created in us. You cannot be awinner and create a loser. Winning means that as a humanity we need to be awinner, not that a group of people is the winner and another group of people is theloser. That is the very root of the problem. We can’t create evil and promise to beprotected from the same evil which we have created.“Peace cannot be protected” Guruji Sri VastDIVINYA TIMES PAGE 5

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Inclusiveness is veryimportant. You need toinclude everyone into you,as you. Then peace ispossible. As long as wedon’t see the wholehumanity as one humanity,the problem will not be solved.We learned to create opposites. We learned to project the problem onto others.And all conflicts are the consequence of that. It is the collective energy of the sameprojection. When we wish for peace, we can’t say that this peace is for certainpeople and exclude other people outside this peace zone. Then naturally, we arenot in peace because we create separation. We separate and protect thisseparation – we lose the peace.PAGE 6 DIVINYA TIMESWhen dealing with any conflict we have torecognize that at the end everyone wants tobe in peace, everyone wants to be infreedom. Deep inside everyone loveseveryone. Deep inside we are all divine.Deep inside we are all equal.Inclusiveness is very important. You need toinclude everyone into you, as you. Thenpeace is possible. Everyone is included inyour peace. When you think, “without you Iwill be in peace”, how is it possible? It needsto be a win-win solution, always. As long aswe don’t see the whole humanity as onehumanity, the problem will not be solved.Solving the problem does not mean solvingthe situation. Situations are not the problem;separation is the problem. Situations are theconsequences of separation. If we want tosolve the problem, we have to resolve theseparation, and only when we are movingtowards unity, can the separation beresolved.A life without enemy, without opposition. Unless we reach this point, we keep onidentifying some opposition to fight against, and this itself is sustaining the fight.We have to recognize that love is the way, peace is the way, freedom is the way;oneness is the way that brings people together.Humanity needs to move further. We have to understand that we are not fightingagainst people. We can have disagreement with a certain energy, a certainattitude, but not with people.That is also applicable to every individual. Every individual is contributing tocertain energies. Everything is created collectively. We cannot name one singleperson as being responsible for something. We have to recognize that we are allresponsible.

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You may say that powerful people are able to create so much destruction, due totheir capacity. And a normal, simple person may have the same attitude, but hiscapacity is less and he destroys within his capacity. I don’t see the differencebetween them, only the capacities are different.You may say “I’m not like him, I’m not like her.” But in different forms, in differentcolors, we may have the same attitude. When we see “this is not what I agreewith”, we have to see that I don’t agree with it in me either. So, I need totransform. Whatever we don’t agree with, first say “I am free from it. First, I cleanmyself.” And from there the solution starts. You, as an individual, become asolution. Otherwise, you are part of the collective problem that you are trying tofind the solution for.If you don’t agree with an attitude, don’t apply that attitude to the people aroundyou. First honor yourself, then honor every person next to you. Every problem andevery solution are very close to you and you have to find them there. Once youfind the solution in your heart, you will see that the solution already starts tomanifest outside you.Once you are free from the problem, another energy arises in you. You are notacting through guilt or shame or fear. You are acting through pure love andcompassion. And that gives another space within you. That compassion, that purelove, that pure peace inside you, never saw an enemy, never saw a person, but itwill show you an energy. It will show what is not good, but not who is not good.Those are two totally different things.Your thoughts, words and actions are not only leading you; they are leading thehumanity. With all your thoughts, all your words, all your actions, you are giving adirection to the whole humanity to evolve further. It starts with you. You are acontributor to that.DIVINYA TIMES PAGE 7

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If you create hatred or separation, that is available for everyone. In the same way,when an individual enters into peace, it is not just an individual who enters intopeace, the whole humanity is fed with peace.By the time the solution arises in your heart, this solution is naturally uploaded inthe cosmic plane. This solution becomes available for everyone.Be an active contributor towards peace. Be an active contributor towards unity;one humanity, living in harmony with all beings.We have to find a new kind of understanding, a new humanity, a new way of livingthis life on this planet. I see how every situation is moving us towards that. That isthe nature of life itself. Life is a self-transforming organism. It is self-evolving.When we are in an endangered situation, whether within the humanity or fromoutside, we become collective, we unite. We start to become one with each other,we start to dissolve the differences between us and face the situation together.We start to understand each other’s needs, each other’s feelings, each other’sdignities.Freedom cannot be protected. We are in that phase of uniting. But it is veryimportant not to unite against someone - uniting as one humanity. Not freedomfrom someone or freedom for someone, but freedom itself - freedom for all. That isthe path. And we are moving in that direction. That is the human evolution.PAGE 8 DIVINYA TIMES

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Your thoughts, words and actions are not only leadingyou; they are leading the humanity. With all yourthoughts, all your words, all your actions, you are givinga direction to the whole humanity to evolve further. It starts with you.

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I am deeply thankful for life, which led me to a place where I am supposed to be atthis time. For a place that gives me the opportunity to experience peace. A place thatmakes me feel loved and allows me to express love in new forms. I found Divinya andam living here for eight months.For the two years before I arrived here, I felt really challenged by the global pandemicand the political situation our world is in at the moment, by my own fears of whatmight happen in the future, by my job which I felt stuck in. I felt as if I was not able tobe who I really am and do what I am really here for in this world; feeling alone a lot ofthe time and also often not understood by the people around me. I was longing forfreedom and peace inside and out. I was always wondering ‘What would Love do atthis moment, how would Love decide?’ But I couldn’t quite figure it out and I was notable to feel it at all.Being in Divinya I am starting to understand much more clearly what is happeninginside me and around me. I am finding out that there is still so much to learn and thatI am so much greater than I thought I was. That life is meant to be lived andexperienced fully. More and more I start to feel that I can be who I am and that isexactly the greatest gift I can give to this planet. I start to see that everything beginswithin myself ― that I see the world through how I am. It’s not that I didn’t know,believed or said this before, but I was so distracted by everyday life, that I didn’t reallyexperience it in such an intense way, which I am able to do here. Peace is love in every step CathrinPAGE 10 DIVINYA TIMES

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In Divinya I am encouraged to see everything and everyone as a present which isgiven to me as an opportunity to grow towards peace and towards love. Noteverything and everyone feels like a present at first sight. It is often challenging ina lot of ways and at so many layers. However, if I open up to the understandingthat life gives me situations and people who are meant for me, everything andeveryone becomes interesting since I am able to discover more of who I am. I startto even like those challenges and be grateful for them because they help me togrow. It would be so much easier to run or hide, to feel sad or angry. It is notwrong by any means. It’s just that it won’t bring me either peace or love. Butinstead, it will disconnect me.Now I really understand that if I want to see peace in this world, the only way is tocreate peace within me, in every conversation, in my friendships and family. If I am longing for love, I can ask myself if I am giving and expressing enough love. When I am in peace, there is so much space that is not occupied anymore by holding onto emotions or people, words or thoughts. In this space I can find so much love, which was already there, waiting to be expressed. When I express it, I can feel that I am love and that my peace cannot be broken....Ok, maybe I’m not there yet all the time. But peace is every step and love is an every moment decision. I am taking steps. A lot of steps. Sometimes smaller. Sometimes bigger. And I enjoy them along the way. Likebeing on an inspiring walk. So much to discover and not wanting to arrivesomewhere. Just to feel and see what is there. Because that is what a walk is allabout. To enjoy what’s on the way. Enjoy my feelings. Enjoy my movement. Enjoymy love for this very moment. Enjoy my experience of moments in peace.DIVINYA TIMES PAGE 11

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I remember when I was a child, before Christmas and before my birthday, myparents used to ask me: “What do you wish for?” The answer was always: “I wantpeace on Earth”.But growing up trained into a culture and patterns and a particularunderstanding of how life is supposed to be, getting more and more alienatedfrom what is natural, I slowly forgot this longing for peace and coming closer towho I am.After many years of trying to fit into the norms of what a successful life issupposed to look like ― education, job, being self-employed, relationship, flat,summerhouse, car, friends, dinners, family, creating material wealth... I realizedthat all this ― the joy of buying things for my home, clothes, going to restaurants,parties, concerts, festivals, on holidays ― all was short-time joy and contentment.Being on a treadmill. Always on the run.I was missing meaning in life. I was pulled to spending more time in nature, Istarted to be interested in spirituality and dove into different ways of approachinglife, and started a self-healing process. At one point I had a deeply transformativeexperience, feeling immense peace, freedom and joy. PAGE 12 DIVINYA TIMESThe wish for peace Frank

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I knew that I had to change the way I was living. I quit my job, sold my apartment,land, car, motorbike, all my things, ended a 7-year relationship. I was letting go ofall the safety with a trust in existence, that it will lead me and take care of me.For the next seven years, I was seeking. I traveled around the world, stayed inashrams, monasteries, meeting Gurus, lamas and teachers. I learned, grew andhad many experiences. But without knowing how to translate all this, all myexperiences and insights, into a practical way of living, I slowly fell back to livingaccording to the norms I already knew.After some years of not feeling profoundly content, the longing to live naturallyand in peace came back. The search started again. I started to dive into thephilosophy of Advaita Vedanta and the self-inquiry “Who am I?”. I found new waysto approach myself and life, but still, something was missing. So I decided that thenext coming year would be for transformation. I took 3 months off from my joband other engagements, and went to India. On my first day there I met Guruji SriVast, and the Teachings resonated deeply with me.For me it is so helpful to follow these profound and practical Teachings: Here are some practical glimpses which helped me the most: DIVINYA TIMES PAGE 13Whatever comes to you – judging, Insist on peace in every situation. Don't keep anyone as responsible inside If you dream for peace, be aware every day blaming, criticizing, anger, guilt, shame, jealousy, fear, doubt, rejection - become aware of it, transform it, turn it into peace. Don’t let it continue. Make sure it stops with you. of you for disturbing your peace. in the morning: Today I want to be in peace. At the end of the day, look back and be thankful for the peace you enjoyed this day. It's all about one’s inner experience. Finding out what I truly want, and then beingaligned with that in my thoughts, words and actions. So when it is peace that Iwant, then it is helpful to see if what I am thinking, what I am saying and what Iam doing is bringing me peace. This guidance has changed my life. My wish forpeace in the world, for everyone, is still there. But now I understand that it allstarts with me. Peace on Earth starts with peace inside myself.

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PAGE 14 DIVINYA TIMESI am not at peace when I worry, judge, blame, deny, betray, Having expectations doesn’t bring me peace.Dissolving the ego brings peace. Not creating opposite, not fighting for or against anything or anybody, To respond to what is in front of me gives peace. Doing good to others, serving authentically, pure caring and sharing give joyand peace.Being open and trusting in the existence that everything is fine, gives peace. Being in presence gives peace.What I see clearly now is that peace is always there even though sometimes I getcarried away by emotions. The peace is always there. The Teachings I havereceived in Divinya have made me understand that what helps me to come topeace is to be clear about what brings me peace and what doesn’t: in fear, suspicious, criticize, creating an opposite or enemy. but including, gives peace. I understand now that all that I went through, it all led me to this very moment. I feel blessed and grateful to be in a human body, being able to experience withall the senses. To have the ability to experience, transform and liberate. After allthose years of searching, finally to have come home. Living in the Divinya Sanghain togetherness, sharing and caring, exploring, living and learning about life andabout who I am as a natural, cosmic, divine, being, gives me so much peace and joy. All is given by grace.

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the power of looking withinVeerleDIVINYA TIMES PAGE 15Before I came to Divinya I was blaming and protesting against the government fornot understanding the urgency to reform our education system, to implementpolicies against climate change and to improve gender equality. I remembermyself shouting during those protests. I really could not understand why theywould not support my idea of a life lived in harmony with ourselves, other peopleand the planet. The same attitude I had when I was facing my teachers in college,or my parents at home. I was creating my opposite wherever I went. The deeper I enter into myself by being here in Divinya, the more I see how we ashumans project the fear, anger, guilt and shame that we have stored in our bodiesonto each other, and how I myself, have been doing this so much in differentsituations. I can see now so clearly that I was actually feeling powerless, and how Iwas very afraid of looking into this feeling. It was at that time too hard for me tolook at myself, I could only act it out on others.

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Looking at what other people trigger in you can be such an uncomfortable thingto do. It asks of you to be radically honest about yourself. When I started lookinginside of me I found that I was feeling hurt and I had to finally give myself thespace to feel it ― only then the wounds can heal. But you will not heal if you keephating the world, if you keep blaming others, if you keep fighting. We all want tospend our life loving and taking care of each other. But instead, we inflict thewounds we have on each other, keeping the protection layers we have built upalive. Real strength is to withdraw from hating. It is the strength to stopprojecting ― to stop creating this 'you' and this 'me', who need to protectthemselves from each other ― and instead, look within. By being in Divinya and inquiring into the values we share here, I started tounderstand that there is no opposite, there are just the conditions to fightagainst. Only if I learn to honestly look into what is being triggered in me by otherpeople without projecting anyone as wrong, I can really do something for theworld and for myself. Only by doing this, the feeling of being powerless will startto dissolve and true peace will start to arise. Together with this deep insight arosea firm commitment in me to try to apply this every day as much as I can.Whenever I catch myself projecting on others and creating an opposite to ‘me’, Itry to become aware of this trap and not fall into it.Being given the opportunity to reflect on myself in this way, I feel such a strengtharising in me. Slowly I can feel the need to protect myself from others, dissolving.By living together with so many people we learn so much from each other aboutthe way we function. Being able to live in such a peace among us, is only possiblebecause we are not afraid to meet what is happening inside of us. Peace is alreadythere, but we have to look into what is blocking us from experiencing it. Then lifebecomes so beautiful. PAGE 16 DIVINYA TIMES

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I always talked about wanting to have a positive impact on the world and creatinga sustainable planet. The world we live in is so divided. During my travels, Isearched for other ways of living, for different ways of perceiving life. I sawsuffering ― people who worked more than double the amounts of hours that Idid, but barely earned enough money to feed themselves. “How is it possible thatso many people do not have enough food to eat or a place to sleep? What is thereason that people who seemingly have it all, still seem unsatisfied? How can theworld come to peace so that everybody can live equally on this planet?” Thosewere questions I could not find answers to.However, now by living in Divinya, I realize that the way I spent my time andenergy before, was not necessarily creating a better world. What I did mostly, wastrying to escape the feeling of separation. All that I had pursued in society hadcreated a stronger sense of self, which only made me feel separated from life.Slowly I had become identified with my ‘achievements’. The stronger this ‘me’became, the more I felt separated and the more I needed appreciation andacknowledgment for these ‘achievements’. Being in Divinya I have realized that Iwasn’t looking for peace in the world, but for peace in myself. I can only give whatI have, and peace was yet to be found within. I know now that peace is my naturalstate, but since I had been conditioned too long for so many things that I wasrunning after, I did not feel this peace. Finding peace equals falling in loveTwan DIVINYA TIMES PAGE 17

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Even though I knew that my lifestyle put a lot of pressure on the planet and that itwas impossible for everybody to have this lifestyle, I still couldn’t see clearly thatat the end of the day it is this lifestyle that is the root of the world’s suffering. Ifeveryone would have these excessive needs, there would soon be little left of ourplanet.I have realized that I am relatedto all human beings because weare all capable of experiencingthe same emotions. We belongto one human consciousness.Hence, if I enjoy somethingwhich brings harm to others, theother side of the coin is that I willalso feel guilt and shame for this.To not feel this guilt, I wasunconsciously justifying mybehavior, comparing myself andcreating opposites. The mindeasily says: “Everybody does this”,or “The government has to takeaction”. It has been confrontingto realize that the world situationis a consequence of the manyneeds that I had. And that thediscomfort I felt in my body camefrom not having my actionsaligned with my words.In Divinya, I experience now such joy by being actively engaged in creating andsustaining our life with our own efforts. At the same time, I am starting to becomemore self-sustainable inside of me. In the togetherness that I live in, I no longerwish for personal space or belongings, nor for time for this so-called ‘myself’. Bybeing able to express my love unconditionally, through the selfless creation of acommon space for people to come together, I feel fulfilled. My mind is less andless occupied with the needs I had before. I now experience that my true freedomis not being able to go everywhere I want or to be able to buy everything I want,but to be free from these very needs and desires and to be free to care and sharewith everybody as my brothers and sisters. My life has been enriched. Since what I do is more in line with my desire for asustainable planet where people can live as equals. I finally feel at peace. Myhappiness is becoming independent and I experience the greatest joy by sharingthe life that I live. Through the peace that I experience, I am discovering theconnection to life that I was longing for. It feels like I’m falling in love witheveryone and everything around me.PAGE 18 DIVINYA TIMES

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It has been a while since I visited my Divinya home, now I'mback in my "home home". All of the Teachings and the rich experience of life lived in the community, with such beautiful souls, tumbled around my idea of 'me' so much ― how I defined myself, how I perceived what is natural, what is normal, what are my goals, my desires... Everything became an opportunity to see how I sustained that idea of 'me', whichserved no one but myself. It is not about right or wrong. It is about knowing myself― nothing “spiritual” like knowing my “higher” self or my full potential or anythinglike that ― knowing myself radically, whom I thought I was. I always saw life in opposites. If I am right then someone else needs to be wrong, orif someone is right then I must be wrong. This idea kept me busy in my mind. Forthis idea to be alive, I always need to think about someone somewhere, doingsomething better or worse than me. Every action I do I must compare, every word Ihear I must define. With this one simple idea of someone out there who is differentfrom me, I was bound to sustain “me”.By understanding what I really wanted, and now understanding my natural state, Iam defined in a completely new way. The Teachings in Divinya opened my eyes,telling me that what I truly am is beauty, love and freedom. With this realization, Idon’t question my life anymore. I don’t need to create opposites since there is noneed to confirm my identity. Since there is no one to think about and compare to,my time, thoughts, body and senses can be here and participate in the life that ishappening now. With this freedom to respond fully to life, I am at peace. Life without opposites brings me peaceLuka DIVINYA TIMES PAGE 19

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Grand Salad withBeetroot SoupInstructions:The saladCut the sweet potato into small cubes. Seasonwith salt, pepper and sunflower oil. Roast in theoven at 190 degrees celsius until slightly goldenbrown. Roast the hazelnuts in the oven at 180degrees, remove the skin and chop roughly. Cookthe quinoa. Open the pomegranate and take outthe seeds. Cut the figs in fine stripes. Wash anddry the salad leaves. Cut the avocado into fineslices and pour a little lemon juice over them, tomaintain the color.Fill individual bowls first with a layer of saladleaves; add quinoa, sweet potatoes, avocado andpomegranate. Then add a second layer of saladleaves. Decorate the salad with sweet potatoes,avocado, pomegranate, figs and hazelnuts. Finishwith some alfalfa sprouts in the middle andbeetroot sprouts on the top. The beetroot soupCut the beetroot and potatoes into small cubes.Cut the onions in thin strips. Peel the ginger andblend it with 1 garlic clove and a little water in amixer, until it is a paste.Melt some butter in a pan and add, according toyour taste, some chili flakes and 1 teaspoon ofcumin seeds. Stir. Add the second clove of garlic,and fry briefly. Add the onions and some salt andfry until soft. Add the ginger/garlic paste andsome pepper. Add the potatoes and the beetroot,and stir. Add water until the vegetables arecovered. Cook the soup until the vegetables are soft. Blendthe soup with a hand blender and if needed, addmore water until it has the desired consistency.Add, according to taste, some lemon juice andcoconut milk.We usually enjoy this beautiful dish in the community with fresh garlic bread or withcrackers and tomato butter. around 300 gm salad leaves sprouts (alfalfa, soy andbeetroot): 20-30 gm of each 1 roasted sweet potato 1 avocado1/2 pomegranate4 figs 120 gm quinoaa handful of roasted hazelnuts280gm beetroot240gm potatoes1 small onion2 garlic cloves10gm ginger40gm butterchili flakes1tsp cumin seedssalt, pepper coconut milklemon juiceIngredients for 4 people: For the salad For the dressingolive oil, white balsamic vinegar,honey, salt and pepperFor the beetroot soupEvery New Moon and Full Moon, thekitchen team creates beautiful GrandSalads for the whole community.

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VIDEOSeekers from all over the world come to Divinya as pilgrims,to experience the transformational togetherness of the eco-spiritual community. The one-week Divinya experience canenhance one’s life with a new reference of living this life,allowing one the space to look deeply within and listen toone’s inner calling. It is a profound, life-affirming experiencethat supports one's spiritual path, with new insights andinspiration. Pilgrims take part in the daily life of thecommunity and participate in Divinya’s IntroductoryProgram, exploring together the way spirituality can bebrought into practical living. For those who wish to spend a whole month with thecommunity of Divinya, we offer the Yogic Life. For more information about visiting Divinya : for pilgrims

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Welcome to a 10-day inward journey – full of joy, full of love and full of light – inthe graceful presence of Guruji Sri Vast. The profound Teachings and guidance ofthe enlightened Master lead towards total liberation. The Living EnlightenmentRetreat is a unique opportunity to go beyond all conditioning and come closer toour true Self. Guruji Sri Vast shares a profound path to enter into the realm of theEnlightened State – a world of infinite Self. The Master’s graceful and lovingpresence and flow of natural wisdom bring direct experiences of Living Enlightenment.Every Living Enlightenment Retreat is a unique life-affirming experience –an exciting new journey inviting one to be born once again. 1 - 10 July 202210-day Retreat with Guruji Sri Vast“Liberate, totally Liberate, until the question of Liberationdisappears within you. Flow, just flow with the Life. In thatflow you and me will disappear. The comparison of your inner andouter world will disappear. Without knowing you will realizethat you are already there.” Guruji Sri Vast