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Divinya Times - November 2020

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DIVINYA TIMESPAGE 2Ecological Building Projects atDivinya - What a learning!The last four months have been truly a great journey and wehave learned so much and have grown as individuals and asa community. We learned about eco-construction, how towork with the different materials and how to createtogether. Moreover, since the construction sector typicallycomes with strong gender based stereotypes and behaviorpatterns, this project became a beautiful opportunity for usto reflect on this topic and to meet and transcend thosesituations."We are not justbuilding a building, but building a community. Building a communitymeans, buildingConsciousness !"We could observe how gender roles function in our societiesand how we inherit them, telling us what a 'man' or a'woman' can or cannot do or how they should behave. Incontrast to the 'typical' construction site which is usuallydominated by a certain “macho” attitude, the atmosphere atour construction site was filled with what is usuallyconsidered 'feminine' qualities. We were caring for eachother, patient with each other, giving everyone the space tolearn and to try out new things some of us might have neverdone before. People were singing, joking and laughing orsimply in serene silence while working together. Whenpeople came to visit us, they were often surprised to findsuch a clean, organized, peaceful and joyful scene.

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Divinya is all about giving a new reference ofliving, providing a space for personaltransformation and liberation. When the possi-bilities to act expand, when new ways to expressoneself are available, in that very momentliberation happens. As a conclusion we can trulysay: We haven't simply built a building, we havebeen building consciousness. insulation in the walls and the Ice-Stick heating system, everything is carefully chosen to create abuilding as environment friendly as possible. And there is so much more to learn about design andarchitecture! The composition of materials, shapes, forms and colors create a sensation ofspaciousness, harmony and transparency. Every detail is so thoroughly thought through. In thebuilding process I have learned so much about myself and how people can create together. Tolearn about ecological building at Divinya means not only to learn how to build a sustainablebuilding, but it is all about building a sustainable human relationship; to learn how to create anexperience that is ecological in its own. Our intentions and the way we work together must beharmonious, otherwise it cannot be called 'ecological'. I came to understand: To create a moresustainable world outside, we first have to learn to become more sustainable within ourselves.Learning architecture at Divinya means learning inner architecture and how we are constructedourselves.”Karl, Sweden, Participant of the Ecology & Spirituality Course- "I have been engaged in theconstruction project from thebeginning to the end and I cansay that I have learned somuch more about practicalarchitecture than I did in twoyears of architecture studies atUniversity. It was an amazingexperience to build with all theecological material: From thewooden structure, the perlite inthe foundation, to the hempDIVINYA TIMESPAGE 3

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DIVINYA TIMESPAGE 4In Awe of the Abundance of ourPermaculture GardenWhenever we enter our big permaculture garden, such a joyand awe befall us in view of such an abundance and beauty!This year we have diligently continued with making new garden beds and like that, the great landscaped geometry including the close-by lake, is coming closer to its final form and contributing to theoverall natural harmony. Vegetables and flowers in a joyful play of shapes and colors, give us the direct experience how vibrant, overflowing life and peaceful and serene calmness are no contradictions to each other, but can come together just perfectly – giving us inspiration for how we ourselves wish to bloom and toflourish in vibrant aliveness and graceful peacefulness.In our garden many Divinya values and components arebrought to life. For us the garden is not only aboutproducing as efficiently as possible as much food aspossible, which would mean to re-create the old paradigmof seeing nature only as something to exploit for humanneeds. We are very aware of the precious opportunity itgives us to experience directly our connection with natureand the cosmic movements. When we work with the soiland the plants, we make sure to act with peace and love.After all, these plants will reach our plates and our bodies,passing on to us all the information they have collectedduring their lifespans. They were allowed to grow under thesun and in the fresh air, purely, without any pesticides orany financial interest involved. What is more, we have put somuch loving care into them, both in the garden as well as inthe kitchen.

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DIVINYA TIMESPAGE 5As a consequence, they will nurture our bodies not onlywith energy from the sun and the soil, but with theinformation of freedom and love. This is why we becomestill for a moment before each meal to thank for thefood, and in our mind’s eye we see the living plantsswaying in the wind in the garden, we see the sun andthe rain and all the people, all the hands who have beeninvolved to bring this food on our plate. What a blessing, what a gratitude!

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DIVINYA TIMESPAGE 61-year program Ecology & SpiritualityAlthough the community is living in quarantine at themoment, we are offering the opportunity to take part in thelife at Divinya to sincere aspirants, who want to make a lifetransforming experience in our 1-year Ecology & SpiritualityCourse. This course is designed to bring a deeperunderstanding of life, key answers to the quest of asustainable future for all and an understanding of how topractically take part in the shift in consciousness towards anew, ecological and divine era. The aim of the course ispersonal transformation, finding one’s passion and functionin this life and learning skills and wisdom to create the lifewhich one wants to live. It is an invitation to explorepossibilities of a harmonious coexistence and deep spiritualconnection with oneself, with others and with nature,widening our individual human perspective andapproaching life from a new, positive standpoint.You are welcome to rediscover your true potential in life. Usethe special time that humanity is facing at the moment, tolisten within and to focus on what world you would like to livein. Let’s create it in joyful togetherness! Welcome to theEcology & Spirituality program - to take part in the lifetransforming living and learning process at Divinya.If you are interested in taking the Course please visit ourwebsite to find more information about it: path of the sustainable YogiThe path of the sustainable Yogiparticipants can join in every month

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"It has been around four weeks since I joined the Divinyacommunity and so much is happening to me right now.Living here has been confronting me every day in such abeautiful way. I feel so much space to explore theconnection I share with myself, with other people and withnature. The life at Divinya is helping me to become aware ofconditioned behaviour and to consciously choose how Iwant to respond instead, beyond any role that has beentaught to me in society. The typical gender behaviour issomething major that I really want to free myself from. I hadfelt a contradiction within myself for a while already before Icame here, but only at Divinya it became so clear to me: Thiscontradiction of wanting to be a leader who is daring toshare her vision with others without being afraid of others’opinions, but at the same time acting like a small girl who isafraid to speak up for herself all the time. Now I can seethrough the identities I have been telling myself is ‘me’much more.DIVINYA TIMESPAGE 7Newcomer's Inner View"Transformationis when your past imprints don't influence your present any more."It feels so liberating to realize that the small girl I have beenacting like, is not me. With new insights comes new behavior.So right now I am engaged in the construction a lot, learninghow to use the sawing machine, placing floor insulation orworking on a scaffold. I hear this small girl thinking she can’tdo it, but she is not me. I can build, I am strong, I am a leader -leading my own destination."Veerle, Netherlands, Participant of the Ecology & Spirituality Course

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We celebrate autumn at Divinya with all oursenses. When we harvest in our garden, naturepresents itself in all its colors and fantasy.Grateful for such a contribution from ourgarden, this recipe brings a delicious autumnexperience into our kitchen. Today Florie shares our favorite pumpkin soup recipe andher experience at Divinya with you.Ingredients ( for 4-5 people):1 kg of pumpkin A pinch of nutmeg1/2 leek 1 tbs of vegetable bouillon1 stalk celery SaltSunflower oil"During my time in Divinya I learned thatcooking is not just a simple act; it is notjust about cutting vegetables, adding a fewspices, mixing it together and making itlook beautiful, but it is an expression oflove itself. Every day is an opportunitygiven to me to express the love I haveinside. To take care of the people withwhom I live. To give joy. To provide themwith the energy required to keep onbuilding Divinya, our consciousness andour home.”Florie, FranceCooking Instructions:Cut the pumpkin into medium size cubes (youcan keep the skin on). Cut the leek and thecelery. Pour some sunflower oil into a pot. Frythe leek and the celery for a few minutes untilthey are very soft. Add the vegetable bouillon,the salt and the pumpkin. Add some hot wateruntil the vegetables are entirely covered. Let itcook for 20 - 30 minutes until the pumpkin issoft. Add a pinch of nutmeg. Blend everythingtogether. Adjust salt and pepper if needed.Enjoy your meal!DIVINYA TIMESPAGE 8A Divinya Recipe: Autumn Pumpkin Soup

Page 9 73 984 80 50Facebook: divinyaofficialInstagram: divinyaofficialDIVINYA TIMESPAGE 9Thank you all for being connected to Divinya!We are looking forward to welcoming you all again, once the social distancing has eased.With love and devotion,the Divinya community